Mahender Choudhary, Ruchika Sharma, Sudhir Kumar


This paper introduces a procedure for calculating non revenue water (NRW) based on IWA terminology. A water audit analysis tool is developed to determine the components of water balance i.e.; apparent and real losses for Jaipur water utility, India. Identification of these parameters is important especially in developing countries with critical water resource situation in water scare urban area. Water audit analysis tool also evaluates the leakage performance indicators i.e. Unavoidable Real Losses (UARL) and Infrastructure Leakage Index (ILI). Results reveals that Jaipur water utility suffers with a technical and managerial constraints and reporting high level of non revenue water (50% of the total water produced). The Real losses (37% of total water supplied) is the major component of NRW due to old deteriorating water supply asset with poor operation and management (O&M). Apparent losses (8% of the total water supplies) are significant component of NRW due to meter under registration, illegal connections and thefts and also indicated by value of Infrastructure Leakage Index (2.311). There is need of proper NRW reduction strategy which addresses all these three issues of real losses, unauthorized consumption and management practices along with change management strategy.


Non-Revenue Water (NRW), Infrastructure Leakage Index (ILI), Apparent losses and Real losses, Unavoidable Real Losses (UARL), Operation and Maintenance

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