Sumaia Islam, Joy Deep Chakrabartty, Ahamed Zakaria, Sarwar Jahan


Dhaka is one of the rapid growing cities in the world with several environmental problems. For these problems, the city has been identified as one of the worst livable cities of the world. There are two city corporations in Dhaka: Dhaka North City Corporation (DNCC) and Dhaka South City Corporation (DSCC). The environmental condition of DSCC is deteriorated because of dearth in open space, vegetation and water body as well as for inadequate service facilities like water supply and waste management. In this study, assessment of environmental condition of wards (administrative unit) of DSCC using Multi-criteria Analysis has helped to perceive the comparative environmental scenario of different wards. Environmental criteria are categorized into Primary Tier Criteria (PTC) and Secondary Tier Criteria (STC). The weightage of the selected criteria has been obtained using expert opinions and Analytical Hierarchy Process (AHP). Ward basis data for selected criteria has been collected from different secondary sources. Using these data and weightage values of selected criteria, the score values for 54 wards of DSCC has been calculated. With this score value, we analyze inter-ward comparison and overall assessment of environmental condition of study area. We rank and classify the wards using these score values. From the analysis, we found that the environmental condition of most of the wards of DSCC is abject. Especially condition of wards is inferior considering natural aspect of environment since many wards do not have any open space, water body and vegetation area within their boundaries.


Environment, Multi-criteria Analysis, Analytical Hierarchy Process, City Corporation, Classification

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ISSN 1982-3932
DOI: 10.4090/juee